Babar Khan Javed
Aug 22, 2017

TPL Holdings takes on Google Maps in Pakistan

Competing head on with Google Maps, an underdog is sending ripples through the digital ecosystem.

Adeel Hashmi has been tasked to lead TPL Maps.
Adeel Hashmi has been tasked to lead TPL Maps.

Introduced a year ago, TPL Maps is a comprehensive mapping solution that covers all user segments with noticeable features, such as smart search, point-of-interest details, photos, users comments and reviews, live traffic, and the option for social media sign-in. To date, TPL Maps has over 4 million locations geo-tagged across Pakistan, with more 300,000 kilometers of road network digitized, and over 100,000 downloads.

The product is monetized through native language location-based marketing and ecosystem partnerships with ride-sharing companies and private security firms, and is available to users of iOS and Android devices.

Adeel Hashmi, previously head of maps at TPL Holdings, has been promoted to the role of chief operating officer at TPL Maps following the expansion of the division into a standalone business.

In the new role, Hashmi will nurture talent, manage profitability and set a strategic direction for the maps business for future growth. Under Hashmi, TPL launched maps in Urdu, Pakistan's first street vision data, and automation of the data-collection process and a location-based solution.

With Google Maps pre-installed on Android devices, TPL Maps struggled in its early months to gain acceptance in Pakistan, but Hashmi’s focus from the start was to strengthen the product with data touchpoints to create a strong user experience. He brokered deals with telecom companies such as Telenor from the outset and led a team to build a comprehensive ecosystem for TPL Maps.

Adeel Hashmi

“TPL Maps are made in Pakistan,” Hashmi said. “Not only in words but in spirit, people, technology, data, imagery, investment and maps, all are Pakistani. The complete platform is built by Pakistani team and it's independent of any other platform." However, TPL Maps platform is capable to provide services to any other platform for cross-selling of services.”

The company offered the Android app initially for free on the PlayStore and Telenor App Store. Downloads originated from customers of TPL Holdings that avail services such as insurance, car tracking, and private security. 

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