Chris Reed
Jun 28, 2012

The Dark Knight swoops on some Dark partnerships

"The Dark Knight Rises – The Legend Ends" the Warner Bros marketing darkly exclaims. But The Dark Knight lives on in lego-land…..!Lego is one of many brand partnerships negotiated to create ...

The Dark Knight swoops on some Dark partnerships

"The Dark Knight Rises – The Legend Ends" the Warner Bros marketing darkly exclaims. But The Dark Knight lives on in lego-land…..!

Lego is one of many brand partnerships negotiated to create awareness and drive interest and sales in the new Batman film opening July 20-27.

Batman and Lego is a very cool partnership. Lego have recreated the extended film trailer using entirely lego characters which is not only very creative but must have taken forever to do.

This way kids can play with The Dark Knight in Lego-land (Gotham City to the Dark Knight) long after the legend finishes this version in cinemas.

Batman wouldn’t be Batman without two obvious brand partners. A Batphone and a Batmobile (the latter is Batmobile not Bat Mobile which would then become the former not the latter.......!).

The curious choice of Nokia as brand partner is the most questionable part of the mobile partnership. Nokia are hardly the contemporary brand of choice for anyone whom knows anything about smart phones these days. Hardly a moment goes past without a new Nokia profit warning and declining sales announcement...can Batman come to the rescue? Even "The Dark Knight" would struggle to resurrect this Joker of a mobile phone brand.....

Nokia must have paid a enormous amount of money to be the chosen mobile partner. Warner Bros presumably just counted the money and didn’t care too much about the brand association. Exactly how many people will want to be seen with a Nokia Bat Phone is open to question as is the question as to whether Nokia will still be around by the time of the DVD release.....

Nokia's hoping its Limited Edition Dark Knight Rises ‪Lumia 800 smart phone changes brand perception. Pre-orders of the Lumina 800 are even entered to win an exclusive Dark Knight Rises phone and private screening....possibly the most attractive thing ever offered by Nokia.....

What is a more obvious brand partnership is Nissan and Batman to create their own Batmobile. Nissan recently launched an augmented reality press campaign to promote its partnership with the upcoming Batman film. Nissa have even connected with the film artist having their press ad designed by illustrator Gabriel Hardman, who developed the storyboards for the film. To promote the Nissan Juke they use the strapline: “the year’s most thrilling car, Inspired by the year’s most thrilling film.”

Nissan is very cooly using Blippar’s augmented reality tool, which turns the Batman figure into bats, which scatter across the screen before forming an image of the Nissan Juke. The car marque has partnered with the Warner Bros. film as part of its Built the Thrill campaign thus positively associating Nissan and the Batmobile as one and the same...but does it turn into a cool Batbike too.....


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