Chris Reed
Apr 2, 2012

Success Trumped! How not to create a brand partnership....

Back to the 80's for Success by Trump......I had to do a double take when I read this. I had to check that this was not an April Fool or that it wasn’t a parody or on some kind of joke ...

Success Trumped! How not to create a brand partnership....

Back to the 80's for Success by Trump......

I had to do a double take when I read this. I had to check that this was not an April Fool or that it wasn’t a parody or on some kind of joke site…but no it’s real! I almost feel like just reposting the press release as it’s so funny….maybe in America this is serious…..

The Trump organisation and Five Star Fragrance Company are "thrilled" to announce the launch of "Success by Trump".

This new fragrance collection for men by Donald Trump will be available exclusively at Macy's nationwide beginning in March 2012.  Yes that’s right you too can wear Donald Trump aftershave!!!!

Imagine a Sir Alan Sugar aftershave and you get my drift here…..this idea should have been killed at copulation stage let alone birth!!

Picture the scene in a marketing department in Trump Towers....Donald comes in having had his Shredded Wheat...put on his

Donald in his younger days.......another mismatched brand partnership.....

head....and says "I want the smell of success to be everywhere. We need a fragrance called "Success by Trump" that everyone can wear and feel successful......". At this point the marketing department should have diverted Donald away to wrecking another Scottish landmark or building another tacky gold tower but lives!!!

Apparently “Inspired by his own success in real estate, business, publishing and television, Donald Trump'sSuccess by Trump is an empowering scent”. No, you read that right, you could be wearing real estate fragrance!!! Oh that real estate is soooooo sexy!

Donald Trump is surely not! But you never see them in the same place at the same time do you.......

Oh no I can’t stop laughing, really an empowering scent? Oh dear, only in America could they write this and actually mean it!

Would you ever admit to wearing this? Who on earth would buy it for someone? Some desperate girlfriend trying to impress their dimwitted master of the universe stockbroker before he blows another $billion? "Here darling have some success on me" .......yuck!

Oh it gets worse….created in collaboration with Yann Vasnier from Givaudan fragrance and developer, Jennifer Mullarkey, this fresh aromatic fragrance was carefully crafted with a unique blend of notes that include:

  • Top Notes: Fresh Juniper and Iced Red Currant, brushed with hints of Coriander – (representing real estate)
  • Middle Notes: Frozen Ginger, Fresh Bamboo Leaves and Geranium – (representing firing people)
  • Bottom Notes: Vetiver, Tonka Bean, Birch Wood and Musk – (representing the most terrible buildings ever built….)

"Attention to detail is critical in everything I do. This extends to choosing a great scent that exudes sophistication and confidence

DT is here to save real estate in 24 hours.....about as likely as Success allowing you to have any success with girls.....

(sorry I am now rolling around on the floor…..) . We are thrilled to be partnering with Five Star Fragrance Company to broaden the Trump brand into this exciting category,"  said Donald Trump, Chairman, President, Dark Lord and Chief Coffee Maker of The Trump Organization. Seriously Donald, “sophisticated”? On what level?

The "sleek and sophisticated packaging" (really, on which level? 1980's tacky level....did Donald shoot JR?!) combined with the advertising campaign highlights the meticulous style synonymous with the Trump brand…(mmmmm and that would be loathed across the world and synonymous with tacky....). The new advertising campaign features Ximena Navarrete, Miss Universe 2010 (oh just go right down the tacky route too in the advertising too..... they couldn't afford Miss Universes 2011 or 2012 or maybe they were saving dying kids in Africa......).

Is that Donald in there? No just his fragrance.....

Rafael Villoldo, Vice President of Perfumania Holdings Inc. (the president was washing his hair at the time...), parent company of Five Star Fragrance Company said. "The Donald Trump name is the very definition of the American success story (remind me again how much in debt the US is?).

His success in all fields (especially the real estate part….especially sexy for a fragrance….) is an inspiration to all (real estate wannabees) and is a true testament to his hard work." Try selling it outside of The US and you may find a different story……he should try a Trump Hair Wax next………

Real estate, steaks....fragrance.....they all go together so well!


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