Fergus O'Hare
Mar 24, 2017

Small businesses unlocking growth on mobile

Asia-Pacific enterprises are getting more creative with mobile content and seeing the benefits, says Fergus O’Hare at Facebook.

Fergus O'Hare
Fergus O'Hare

Creativity unlocks the potential of technology and we know customers in APAC are mobile and live in a visual world. People create more videos, post more photos, and experience content in dynamics ways. Small businesses in APAC have started to embrace mobile creative for storytelling and brand-building to grow their businesses.



GOAL: CASA wanted to increase their brand and product awareness and boost sales of their furniture and interior accessories.

SOLUTION: Contemporary and stylish interior photography were used to highlight their products’ unique and beautiful design and inspire users with home decoration ideas. Carousel ads were used to showcase these images in a more efficient manner for their target audience to scroll through. On top of their design features, the cost for each item was also displayed to highlight their affordability, further enticing potential customers to click on the link to CASA’s website for more information and make a purchase from their mobile phone.

RESULTS: CASA’s focus on making their products the star feature in their ads have attracted customers and increased sales as compared to previous Facebook campaigns. The ongoing campaign, which started in June 2016, achieved:

  • 6x increase in return on ad spend with carousel ad campaigns
  • 13x return on ad spend
  • 3x boost in mobile sales via Facebook
  • 30 percent boost in purchase intent among women in their 20s and 30s

Pocket Concierge

Pocket Concierge

GOAL: The online booking platform wanted to increase awareness of its services among overseas travelers and encourage them to make dining reservations through their website or app for their next trip to Japan.

SOLUTION: Pocket Concierge first tested a series of carousel ads to determine the type of ads that resonated with their current international customers the most. The creative focused on the themes of “store” and “cuisine”, highlighting the sophistication and quality of the Japanese restaurants featured. They then used Lookalike Audiences to find people who share similar traits with their existing customers, such as those planning to visit Japan or had an interest in Japanese cuisine. They used the ads in both Facebook and Instagram and widely targeted to people across Europe, US and Southeast Asia. Pocket Concierge also used Custom Audiences to retarget their ads to people who visited their website to remind them of their services.

RESULTS: Pocket Concierge’s multi-channel approach to the global campaign resulted in a global reach between June – September 2016. The results include:

  • 10x increase in member acquisition
  • 4x increase in overseas monthly website visitors
  • 2x improvement in click-through rate
  • 3x return on ad spend

The Wedding Brigade India 

Wedding Brigade

GOAL: The online wedding planning platform wanted grow its customer base, increase revenue and reduce conversion costs so that it could secure more venture capital funding.

SOLUTION: The startup ran a series of ads that showcased the range of products they provided. Based on consumer behavior, the images chosen had to tell a story, or showed how to use or wear featured items. Short and punchy video ads that focused on a single message such as “Head Jewellery to Make Heads Turn” were created to encourage purchases.

RESULTS: They reached millions of potential customers while lowering its cost per conversion. The campaign achieved the following between October 2015 – January 2016:

  • 2X increase in monthly revenue
  • 2X increase in conversions
  • One million people reached per week (compared to 300,000 per week before the campaign)

Fergus O'Hare is head of creative shop APAC at Facebook

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