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Mar 30, 2016

Singapore's Kindness Campaign misses the target, again

From Singapore: 'Sum of our moments', for Singapore Kindness Movement by 3-Sixty Brand Communications

Singapore's Kindness Campaign misses the target, again

The ongoing Singapore Kindness Campaign clearly has good intentions, but often seems to head off in odd directions. Last year, Ad Nut reported on videos from the organisation that:

Now comes the organisation's latest effort:


Ad Nut will set aside the laughably unrealistic conclusion of the story here, where the whining man-baby suddenly sees the error of his ways and not only apologises for his behaviour but actually thanks the total strangers who have admonished him in public.

As with the 'noisy neighbours' video last year, Ad Nut finds it odd that the persuasion here is being directed toward the innocent citizens who are expected to intervene in such a situation—rather than the colossal asshole who is causing the whole commotion in the first place. The flashback scenes are about the young man who eventually gets up to say something. As we see, he has endured not only childhood bullying but copious verbal abuse from his own mother. Yet he's the one who has to find strength and stand up for the waitress against Mr. Shouty?  

Look, Ad Nut wholeheartedly agrees with the comments the organisation attached to the video:

We are the sum of our moments. And when our moments of kindness overcome our doubts, we can be greater and more beautiful. Kindness. It’s up to us.

But unless Ad Nut is crazy, the goal of kindness would also be advanced if people didn't make a bunch of racket at night and refrained from unleashing their pent-up rage following accidental spills. Ad Nut gets that both sides play a part in defusing tense situations, but questions why the Kindness Campaign continues to spend its video-production money admonishing the innocent rather than the real jerks.

Ad Nut can't be the only one whose fur is rubbed the wrong way by this. Right?

Maybe the campaign's cartoon series (now entering its second 'season') is better? 


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