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Nov 30, 2016

How streaming service Iflix added 1 million subscribers in six months

CASE STUDY: Eschewing traditional media, the company worked with RadiumOne to target likely subscribers.

How streaming service Iflix added 1 million subscribers in six months


Streaming-video service Iflix wanted to gain 1 million customers in six months across Malaysia and the Philippines.


The company teamed up with RadiumOne to target entertainment lovers most likely to take up a trial offer and then convert to paid subscriptions. Using consumer data from across open mobile networks and the web, the companies targeted high-propensity segments, deployed customised creative, and continually optimised the campaign.

The approach was based on:

  • Mobile analytics such as in-app events and search history
  • Social analytics such as consumer sharing behavior
  • Campaign data.

RadiumOne used the above to help Iflix identify signals of real-time consumer interest in entertainment content such as movies, TV shows and celebrities. From these, RadiumOne could make predictions about future consumer behaviors, such as the likelihood to convert and the probability of churn.

This information allowed Iflix to bid an appropriate amount for users in its acquisition campaigns. The data also played a role in customising creative, targeting specific consumer segments and optimising campaign performance.


Iflix exceeded the target of 1 million user acquisitions within six months. The streaming service grew brand awareness from zero to 25 percent during the campaign period and reduced the cost of new customer acquisition from US$25 to US$3.

Here are some examples of strategic insights the approach uncovered:

  • Connecting with consumers based on their particular movie or TV viewing behavior during the free trial period increased the chances of conversion to paying subscriber by 75 percent.
  • Re-engaging quickly with expired subscribers resulted in a 50X greater conversion to paying subscriber than approaching new customers.


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