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Mar 23, 2021

Hong Kong adspend bounces back 27% in January and February

TOP OF THE CHARTS: Overall YOY adspend grew 12% in January and 48% in February, according to the latest report from Admango.

Hong Kong adspend bounces back 27% in January and February

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Source: Hong Kong Adspend Report, Jan-Feb 2021, from Admango

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  • Adspend on all major media showed a significant upward trend.
  • TV recorded a 50% YOY increase, which was driven by a drastic increase in the food (+183%) and toiletries/household (+176%) categories.
  • Mobile adspend recorded 43% YOY growth. Banking and investment services (+101%).
  • accounted for 22% of spending on mobile.
  • Adspend on social media recorded 62% YOY growth—the highest rate among all media. The cosmetics and skincare category grew 54% and accounted for the highest proportion of social-media spend.
  • Outdoor saw a 17% YOY increase. Banking and investment services accounted for 12% of this. 
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