Andrina Yeo
Mar 18, 2019

Four steps to organising an event at a unique venue

Unique venues present a whole different set of challenges for planners.

Four steps to organising an event at a unique venue

Starting with the right canvas

Venue selection is the make or break of any successful event. Event producers are constantly on the lookout for unique spaces that form the perfect backdrop for their event. Searching for a venue for any event is like looking for the right home––where creative concepts, innovative set-up and outrageous ideas can be brought to life.

Hunting for unique venues 

Unique venues are not your regular ballrooms or convention spaces. They could be heritage buildings, interesting outdoor spaces, or spaces with other uses such as warehouses. 

You can explore vacant state properties from the Singapore Land Authority, such as Kinloss House, Pasir Panjang Power Station A and Old Kallang Airport. These properties can be used for short events like filming, exhibitions, fashion shows, pop-up restaurants and much, much more.

Overcoming production challenges

Unusual venues are often dry-hire venues, with very little infrastructure. Think about the logistics you will need. Basics like electricity and furniture are a no-brainer, but what about storage areas and ramps for loading or unloading? Wet weather plans? Precise directions of how to get there and transportation? Be mindful of the extra cost and time these arrangements will incur, as well as the multiple site recces and meticulous planning you will need.

Attendees love the unusual

From mass consumer events to exclusive launches and premium soirees, the promise of a new and unusual destination can greatly impact attendance and pre-event buzz. People are discerning, and are always looking for new experiences and the next Instagram-worthy snap. 

The right venue––and great shared experiences built around it––has the power to create long-term memories. Not only does your event stand out in a multitude of experiences, it also has the ability to transfer feelings of positivity and awe to the brand you are showcasing at your event. 

Adrina Yeo is account director, The Events Artery. 



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