Rhandell Rubio
Jul 20, 2011

Smart Communications launches 'Let's make life extraordinary'

THE PHILIPPINES - Smart Communications has launched a new corporate campaign together with creative agency DM9 JaymeSyfu bannered by the key message 'Let's make life extraordinary.'

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Smart Communications, the largest mobile network in the country in terms of users, noted that people's lives are already saturated with taps, clicks, tweets and feeds to the point that technological advances are now considered ordinary. Thus, in this era, it opted to go beyond a mere enumeration of technological innovations in its latest campaign. Instead, it explored the extraordinary effects and results brought about by ordinary and simple gestures such as a text, click or call.

“In our future world technology is becoming 'ordinary', just a 'must-have' when upgrades come up.  That is why Smart shows us that their services can make lives touched by technology 'extraordinary,'" noted Merlee Jayme, chief creative officer at DM9 JaymeSyfu.

Central to the campaign is a 60-second TVC inspired by the stories of the Philippines' EDSA Dos revolution that toppled then-president Joseph Estrada in 2001 and the rise of international singing sensation Charice Pempengco who recently made it to the cast of the hit US TV show 'Glee'. Both instances started with small actions such as the sending of a text message or a click on the upload button on YouTube, with both ending in extraordinary results.

"The TV commercial shows how small, simple actions like a text message, a call or a click, can turn ordinary people's lives into extraordinary ones. Be it a simple call that transforms a college girl into a career woman, or a simple upload that catapults an unknown singer named Charice Pempengco from obscurity to international stardom, these instances are made possible by Smart's ever-evolving innovations in technology and services," elaborated Jerry Hizon, creative director at DM9 JaymeSyfu.

Other scenes reflecting the power of communications include an expectant father viewing the ultrasound of his baby through video streaming to mobile, a mother and daughter bonding over a tablet app, and the Philippine National Football Team playing a previously-ignored sport are turned into the country's newest heroes via Twitter feeds and Facebook posts.

In addition, the campaign includes virals, radio and digital elements. At its online site, Smart subscribers are also invited to submit a personal story or video on how Smart made their lives extraordinary. The winner receives a cash prize and the story would be turned into a Smart commercial to run later in the year.


Client  Smart Communications
Agency  DM9 JaymeSyfu
Creatives  Merlee Jayme, Jerry Hizon, Dee Taar, Herbert Hernandez (print)
Accounts Alex Syfu, Julia Pronstroller, Isabel Prollamante
Producers  Steve Vesagas, Lei Hosseinzadeh
Production  Straight Shooters
Director  Franco Marinelli
DOP  Odie Flores
Production manager  Sheila Cusi
Executive producer  Ruth Colacion
Production designer  Adelina Leung
Post  Pixel Box, HK
Music  Brian Cua
Soundtrack  HIT Productions

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