Feb 20, 2019

WeChat capitalising on e-commerce, but missing mark on video ads

TOP OF THE CHARTS: WeChat is not the best vehicle for video or location-based ads, but has enabled e-commerce (via its mini program) to grow extremely quickly, according to Totem Media.

Aug 14, 2018

How 6-year-olds in a Guangxi kindergarten re-interpreted Chevrolet's logo

Chevrolet's logo looked like a red cross, a crucifix or a sanitary napkin to many adults in China. A group of (much) younger ‘consumers’ helped change that.

Jul 14, 2014

Generation 'Xi': Marketing in China's 'youth-conomy'

SHANGHAI - The belief that the length of a generation is defined by ten-year spans is making less sense in China as technological and societal changes take place every five or even three years, setting the stage for 'Generation Xi' (习世代)—youths growing up in the current Xi Jinping era, and altering marketing principles along with it.

Jan 7, 2013

CASE STUDY: How Durex improved relevance to youth ahead of first sexual experience

Reckitt Benckiser China wanted to improve Durex's relevance among young people, who knew the brand name but perhaps not the product benefits, and may not have viewed it as a youthful brand.

Sep 27, 2012

McDonald’s 'experimental' black-and-white burgers convey unintended undertones

SHANGHAI - One month after McDonald’s introduced a new menu item in China—a ‘Black & White’ burger combo that some people say represents corrupt businessmen and good politicians—the fast food chain's creative agency, TBWA, has launched a campaign to position McDonald’s "as an inspiring partner in a young adult's life".

Jul 24, 2012

China perception study reveals motivations behind branded app usage

SHANGHAI - Brands must deliver one of three key benefits to drive the uptake of branded apps, according to a study by MediaCom identifying play, planned, and problem contexts for the download and usage of apps.