Jul 8, 2021

Tide washes away goodwill with an insulting and strategically braindead ad

AD NUT's RANT OF THE WEEK: In an India campaign by Leo Burnett, the detergent not only scolds parents but also falsely positions (or actually, fails to position) itself as a solution to their time woes.

Jan 21, 2021

P&G notches 20% profit increase on 8% sales growth

Home care and grooming segments drive growth, as the consumer goods giant reports a 7% increase in marketing spend in the second quarter of its fiscal year.

Apr 7, 2010

Din over Rin could herald new wave of 'controversy brands'

Rin, Unilever's mass-market detergent brand, has just unleashed a frontal attack on Tide, and the media is abuzz with talk of a marketing war between Unilever and P&G.