thomas crampton

Dec 11, 2014

Instagram hits 300 million: What the milestone means for marketers

Instagram swells past the 300 million average-monthly-user mark. Is the platform ready for brand prime time, or is it still just a bunch of selfies?

Oct 16, 2014

Interview: Zach, the king of connection

HONG KONG - Zach King’s flashy and fun vines and videos have drawn millions of fans and brought big brands to clamor at his virtual doorstep. But the cornerstone of success for @FinalCutKing, and the key lesson for marketers, is simple: relationships.

Aug 25, 2014

Don't miss it: Free social-media webcast tomorrow

Register now for tomorrow's free webinar on building your brand via social media, featuring Thomas Crampton of [email protected], Ken Mandel of Hootsuite and Jamshed Wadia of Intel.

Aug 21, 2014

Drive relevant, real-time and responsive action on social media

Social media and media that has been socialised have changed the dynamics for how brands present their face to the world. Easy enough to point out but how do we tackle the issue on a daily basis? Luckily there is some advice on this, and in this case it’s actually free.

Aug 12, 2014

Boost brand engagement on social media: Webinar

Storytelling might be vital in traditional, linear media, but to drive engagement on social channels, brands might want to think about adding conversationalists to the team.

Jul 11, 2014

Rudi Leung to quit [email protected] HK; Fergus Hay fills Thomas Crampton's APAC role

HONG KONG - Rudi Leung is set to depart from [email protected] Hong Kong come August, while Fergus Hay has relocated from Chicago to take up the regional role previously held by Thomas Crampton.