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Jan 22, 2024

'Pseudoscientific marketing' or a bold innovation in quantum science? Guerlain's new luxury skincare offering sparks controversy

SOUNDING BOARD: Luxury skincare brand Guerlain has come under fire for its bold claims that its new $740 cream boasts the innovations of quantum science. Whilst some online have revelled it as a marvel, others are labelling it a misguided marketing attempt. Campaign asks experts to weigh in on the debate.

Nov 10, 2023

The Hermès game: Carefully-guarded craftsmanship or scarcity-driven marketing gimmick?

SOUNDING BOARD: With a market valuation of over US$218 billion in 2023, Hermès has managed to rise above the tidal wave of uncertainty sweeping across luxury brands. So, what's their secret to success? Industry experts weigh in.

Oct 26, 2023

Is the era of social media dead?

SOUNDING BOARD: Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, admitted earlier this year that users have moved away from traditional social media platforms to direct messages, closed communities, and group chats. But is ad spend moving to reflect this shift?

Sep 7, 2023

'Joyced' out: Can Qantas soar beyond its recent scandals?

SOUNDING BOARD: From high profits to high drama, Qantas' fall from grace is one for the books. So, what will it take for the flying kangaroo to rebuild trust and reputation?

Aug 25, 2023

Is radical honesty better in the era of AI?

SOUNDING BOARD: WPP's CEO Mark Read recently admitted the company is using AI to cut costs. As investment in the space ramps up, is it better for industry leaders to be upfront about the impact it will have, be it good or bad?

Jul 18, 2023

When luxury brands meet new consumer brands: A likely pick or gimmick for China's Gen Z?

SOUNDING BOARD: Fendi x Heytea, Louis Vuitton x Manner... luxury brands and new consumer brands are teaming up to embrace Gen Z consumers in post-pandemic China. Is it sustainable or short-lived?