sounding board

Sep 7, 2023

'Joyced' out: Can Qantas soar beyond its recent scandals?

SOUNDING BOARD: From high profits to high drama, Qantas' fall from grace is one for the books. So, what will it take for the flying kangaroo to rebuild trust and reputation?

Aug 25, 2023

Is radical honesty better in the era of AI?

SOUNDING BOARD: WPP's CEO Mark Read recently admitted the company is using AI to cut costs. As investment in the space ramps up, is it better for industry leaders to be upfront about the impact it will have, be it good or bad?

Jul 18, 2023

When luxury brands meet new consumer brands: A likely pick or gimmick for China's Gen Z?

SOUNDING BOARD: Fendi x Heytea, Louis Vuitton x Manner... luxury brands and new consumer brands are teaming up to embrace Gen Z consumers in post-pandemic China. Is it sustainable or short-lived?

Jul 13, 2023

China's muted award presence at Cannes Lions 2023: A creative shortfall or Western blind spot?

SOUNDING BOARD: With four combined Lions this year and countries like Australia, New Zealand, and Japan leading the Lions tally for APAC, is a lack of good work or undue bias holding China from claiming its creativity throne at Cannes? Leading industry experts weigh in.

Jun 16, 2023

Twitter: A risky ad spend venture or resurging platform for growth?

SOUNDING BOARD: Can Linda Yaccarino's appointment as Twitter CEO turn the tide on the platform's ad spend debate? Group M, its biggest ad buyer, seems to think so. Campaign asks APAC industry experts to weigh in.

Jun 6, 2023

Chat-based payments are here: Game-changer or privacy nightmare?

SOUNDING BOARD: After India and Brazil, WhatsApp's in-chat payment feature launches in Singapore but opens a debate. Are chat-based payments the future of digital innovation or add concerns of privacy and safety intrusion?