product launch

Apr 17, 2024

Coca-Cola Spiced: How Coke rolled out its first new flavour in three years

Aly Hite, director of brand, sports and strategic partnerships for Coca-Cola Company North America, shares the inside story.

Dec 11, 2020

Campaign Crash Course: Tips for effective brand collabs

Sometimes the best way to create a brand movement is to team up with other brands that already have something you need. Culture Group's Michael Patent tells us how to make it work.

Apr 3, 2013

Continental calls PR agency meeting for SUV tyre launch

SHANGHAI - Continental, a major global tyre producer, has invited a number of PR agencies for an agency meeting to identify a partner to lead the launch of its new SUV tyre product in China later this year.

Mar 11, 2011

Samsung hosts event for Android 2.3.3 smartphone launch

HONG KONG - Samsung introduced its Android 2.3.3 Nexus S smartphone with an event at Festival Walk Mall in Kowloon Tong today to encourage trial of the new model before it hits stores in the city next week.

Jan 5, 2011

Adidas charges Elite Step Asia for Adizero product launch project

HONG KONG - Adidas has chosen sports marketing PR agency Elite Step Asia to roll out its Adidas Adizero product launch PR campaign starting on 12 January.

Jun 17, 2010

Coca-Cola launches sampling campaign for Minute Maid in Singapore

SINGAPORE - Coca-Cola is launching its Minute Maid Pulpy fruit drink in Singapore with the biggest promotional sampling campaign ever undertaken in Singapore.