Sep 29, 2020

What impact will the WeChat ban have on international brands?

The proposed ban could bar MNCs from using an important channel at a time when their influence in China is already waning, according to Kantar's global strategy director for BrandZ.

Nov 5, 2018

Singles Day: MNCs evolve e-commerce KPIs in China—just not fast enough

Ahead of Singles Day, many multinational brands find themselves still trying to keep up with the omnichannel footprints of Alibaba and JD.

May 18, 2018

The 100 most reputable companies in China

TOP OF THE CHARTS: The domestic reputation of Chinese and multi-national brands is almost on par in the market, with Huawei and Intel leading respectively.

Jul 29, 2016

In Japan, multinationals rediscover a forgotten market

Japan still offers considerable rewards for those willing to take it seriously

Jul 8, 2011

Innovation Insiders: Citi CMO Francesco Lagutaine

In the first of a regular series that goes inside global companies to see how they are grappling with the challenge of making innovation a central part of how they do business, Rafe Ring, CMO of Global Insights Group, sits down with Francesco Lagutaine, CMO for Citi Asia-Pacific.

Mar 9, 2011

10 tips for MNC positioning in China

Douglas Dew, managing director of public affairs at Burson-Marsteller China, offers 10 things foreign multinational companies can do in China to better position themselves.