Jan 23, 2024

Is finding the right balance between human and machine possible?

Gen AI might've been the buzzword for 2023, but was all the hype justified? Campaign unpacks the boom of a new tech revolution, what it means for adland, and asks if finding the right balance between human and machine is truly even possible.

Mar 30, 2021

White Ops rebrands to Human

Cybersecurity firm said in October that its name perpetuated a toxic association of good and bad with colour and race, and has chosen a new name that "more authentically represents its values."

Mar 11, 2013

Adidas holds human pinball event for running shoe Energy Boost

On 2 and 3 March, adidas introduced its latest Energy Boost shoe to China through a human pinball game, inaugurated by brand ambassadors Li Dongxue and Liu Xudan. The event aimed to demonstrate the core strengths of the product—innovation, fun and urban style—as well as performance benefits that have been contradictory in the past: soft cushioning and responsiveness.

Oct 12, 2010

CASE STUDY: Asia Square positions itself in Singapore's CBD as a Human Building

SINGAPORE - Going beyond the cliches of an office building, Asia Square built its brand positioning as a Human Building, a place not solely for business objectives instead, but for people to live, work and play.