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3 days ago

BlueFocus CEO: Half of digital marketing work and positions will be replaced by AI

In an exclusive interview, Pan Fei, CEO of the largest Chinese marketing agency group, is unapologetic about using AI to replace human outsourcing, leading creative output, and eventually replacing human employees.

May 8, 2024

Eight ways to leverage AI and optimise your marketing efforts

From research to copywriting to soundboarding ideas, AI's potential in boosting your content marketing endeavours is limitless, but knowing how and what to use is key. Senior global marketer Tyler McConville explains.

Apr 30, 2024

Governance, safety, and risk around Gen AI are challenges for marketers: Visa CMO

Ahead of Campaign360, Visa's regional marketer steps into the spotlight to discuss Gen AI's opportunities and pain points and how this transformative technology is reshaping relationships with agency partners.

Apr 30, 2024

Why some brands are putting the brakes on Gen AI

With the hype and excitement of last year's Gen AI boom now dissipating, Campaign explores why some brands and agencies are adopting a pushback stance when it comes to the new technology in a bid to avoid its pitfalls.

Apr 23, 2024

How Gen AI is changing customer support through email

Traditional ticketing systems are falling short of modern expectations. Businesses need to harness AI to refine their email strategies and deliver a seamless customer experience, writes's Rashid Khan.

Mar 20, 2024

Generative AI is shaking up creator marketing budgets

Research shows seven in 10 marketers will increase generative AI creator content spend this year.