food safety

Jun 5, 2015

McDonald's invites children as guest chefs to win back trust in Japan

TOKYO - McDonald’s is hoping to rebuild credibility, and presumably sales, among Japanese consumers with the latest instalment of an ongoing initiative that invites children to learn to cook burgers in its restaurant kitchens.

Mar 13, 2015

Not all food-related scandals are 'food safety issues' in China

Ahead of World Health Day which falls on 7 April 2015, the birthday of the World Health Organization, Charles Shen of Weber Shandwick takes the opportunity to clarify the definition of food safety—and the part that public affairs staff in a food company can play.

Nov 7, 2014

Brand actions that drive consumers mad

HONG KONG - If consumers reward brands for being authentic, what do they punish them for? In other words, what brand behaviours are most likely to cause people to see red?

Jul 29, 2014

5 tips for food-and-beverage marketing in China

Given complex regional taste preferences and the overall distrust in the food and beverage industry stemming from the numerous safety scandals, the marketplace in China will probably continue to be a very challenging and competitive one for years to come, writes Simon Dang from Weber Shandwick China.