Aug 4, 2022

The three factors driving Google’s cookie delay

Regulatory pressures, lack of industry enthusiasm and potential cost hits continue to delay the inevitable.

Jun 28, 2022

Post-third-party cookies: Are publisher cohorts the answer?

Publishers are able to glean first-party data from the behaviours and interests that users exhibit, rather than relying on identifiable information or just grouping people based on their demographics.

Apr 9, 2021

Publishers view end of the cookie as an opportunity to work with brands

But brands are still too reliant on third-party cookies for now, according to a study from Forrester and Permutive.

Feb 25, 2020

The purge of the third-party cookie: 10 implications for marketers

From targeting to consolidation to measurement, Havas Group India's head of data and analytics lays out how the ad industry will be impacted by the end of cookies.

Jan 16, 2020

Google's two-year cookie deadline: are advertisers ready to change?

Marketers know the days of using trackers for third-party data are coming to an end, but only a minority report confidence in using their own first-party data. And what technologies will replace cookies in browsers such as Chrome?

Oct 25, 2012

Opinion: The big cookie debate and privacy issue

Gregory Fortune, head of digital and client leader for Mindshare Singapore, points out that allowing browsers to block cookies by default would allow login sites, such as Facebook and Google, to monopolise tracking data.