Feb 5, 2024

UK competition regulator: 'Google cannot proceed with cookie deprecation until concerns resolved'

The UK's Competition and Markets Authority says Google must act to address concerns around market dominance.

Aug 11, 2022

Is internal competition at agency groups stoking staff burnout?

Industry figures give their views on whether a root cause of adland's worsening talent drain is 'the mental health hazard' of teams within holding companies 'fighting over the client budget'.

Sep 28, 2021

Google adtech dominance exposed; Australia watchdog plots regulatory crackdown

The ACCC's comprehensive inquiry into adtech has exposed an industry laden with anti-competitive practices, transparency problems and pricing issues—and calls for the power to develop "new regulatory solutions".

Jun 6, 2021

Facebook faces joint UK and European Commission competition probe

Joint action suggests a tougher new line from competition authorities.

Feb 19, 2021

Marketers have the power to fix media imbalances

Facebook’s recent action in Australia and the subsequent boycott calls point to the need for a vibrant, competitive advertising ecosystem which marketers have the power to foster, argues Mediabrands' Joshua Lowcock.

May 22, 2020

BBC Global News chief: It’s ‘unfair’ and ‘a bit immature’ for news industry to rely on Facebook & Google to save us

But Jim Egan says the big platforms have not been ‘sufficiently concerned’ so Australia’s new rules will be ‘highly significant’.