andreas krasser

Aug 2, 2023

Agency CEO confessions: Reflections on four years in the role

DDB Hong Kong's CEO Andreas Krasser gets unapologetically candid about what keeps him up at night four years into the role, navigating uncertainty, and the lessons on leadership that you won't find on his LinkedIn feed.

Apr 3, 2023

DDB creates unified GBA offering, merges Hong Kong and Guangzhou offices

Andreas Krasser will now lead both Hong Kong and Greater Bay offices as CEO.

Jul 21, 2020

Getting punched in the face: 8 lessons from a rough year

Start a gang and use the power of symbolism, but don't drink the Kool-Aid: DDB's Hong Kong CEO imparts wisdom from a year of managing through multiple crises.

Jan 14, 2020

My 10 best pieces of career advice for young agency folk

F**k politics, plus nine other bits of wisdom that DDB Group's Hong Kong CEO picked up during his climb up the agency ladder.