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Jul 17, 2020

Drawing Conclusions: Creative cartoon takes on current events to wrap up your week

A little birdie told us you'd enjoy something light and fun on a Friday. We invite submissions from around the region to help us make this a regular feature.

By Friday, we could all use a laugh. Some weeks, even a smile would do.

In that spirit, and as a way of spotlighting talented artists and studios from around the region, Campaign Asia-Pacific introduces Drawing Conclusions—a Friday-fun feature that we hope to make a weekly thing.

We hereby call for submissions from around APAC. All we're looking for is a quick, visually fun, hopefully humourous reaction to current events, either in the industry specifically or in the news or culture more generally.

The tweet-worthy first edition has been provided by Bangkok-based independent branding design agency Born Three Studio. Thank you!

We invite anyone who would like to contribute future installments to contact one of our editors directly, use our feedback form or reach out on Twitter @CampaignAsia.

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