Byravee Iyer
Sep 24, 2014

Eliminate middlemen in programmatic: AdapTV's Alex Khan

SPIKES ASIA - Alex Khan, Adap.TV’s top boss for Southeast Asia, opened up the day’s TechTalk sessions by calling for a need to simplify programmatic by eliminating multiple sources that create data leakage and revenue loss for media owners.

Alex Khan
Alex Khan

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At present, the ecosystem is made up of publisher ad servers, supply-side platforms, ad exchanges, demand-side platforms and ad-agency servers.

“It’s a case of a bucketful of data with five holes in it,” he said. “Clients as media owners are actually losing revenue because all along the way people are taking their own cut.”

For example, media owners with clients that have $1 to spend potentially lose anywhere from 50 to 80 per cent on multiple exchanges, and end up making roughly 25 to 45 cents.

  • Khan thought it important to make a clear delineation between real-time bidding and programmatic. RTB is the purchase of display inventory via a competitive, real-time auction. Programmatic is the agreement to buy inventory at a fixed CPM, executed by a technology platform.
  • The optimal approach for programmatic is to track a user from awareness through to purchase.
  • The solution: simplify, streamline and sequence. Go back to basics. Design a plan, place building blocks (you know what the audience wants and where they’re going), identify what attracts them and build your creative to that requirement.
  • AdaptTV is on the road to providing a platform and opportunity to efficiently work through the purchase funnel using one platform but with access to as much data as possible.

Campaign's observation: Thumbs up for breaking down a complex advertising technology space in simple English. Khan’s commanding presence probably had something to do with it.

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