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Oct 26, 2015

Display advertising doesn’t need to die

Don't bury display advertising yet, although questions over viewability are forcing marketers to reassess their display advertising strategy.

Display advertising doesn’t need to die

Has display advertising lost its shine?

Stuart Clark, client managing partner, Asia-Pacific, IPG: Ad fraud and declining CTRs are legitimate issues.  It’s natural for marketers to feel worried when they don’t know if their ads can even be viewed.

Jordan Khoo, APAC VP, Sizmek: Not at all.

Is it all ineffective? If not, what works?

Clark: When planned and bought well, with good targeting and creativity, display advertising can be effective throughout the purchase funnel. 

Khoo: Basic display ads are not working. However, if you combine display with the power of data, endless opportunities are created — from dynamic creative optimisation to smarter retargeting and prospecting strategies.



Will display advertising really go extinct and how long will it take?

Clark: Faster connections, bigger screens, connected gaming consoles and smart TVs, the rapid rise of social platforms and programmatic buying are huge opportunities for display advertising to evolve.

Khoo:I doubt it will ever go that way, but it will definitely continue to evolve.

What does the phasing out of display advertising  mean for the industry?

Clark: If it happens, it’s a big headache for publishers.   

Khoo:The industry needs to act quickly and leverage the technologies available to create deeper, more meaningful brand experiences. The future is interactive, seamless and multi-screen.

What’s stepping up to take its place?

Clark: Traditional desktop banners are giving way to advances in native, digital video and mobile display.  The new formats, made to be personalised, relevant and interactive can radically improve both performance and consumer experience.

Khoo:‘Smart’ display advertising based on data.  

What’s your advice to brands looking to improve performance?

Clark: There’s a reason Facebook and Twitter are growing their share of display. They have good targeting options, cross-platform attribution, and get your brand into real-time conversations. 
There’s an urgent need to challenge and push creative agencies. 

Khoo:There’s an urgent need to challenge and push creative agencies. 


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