Jane Leung
Mar 24, 2010

Creative Q&A: Robert Gaxiola is in the hot seat

Robert Gaxiola, executive creative director at Ogilvy & Mather Singapore, on the last time he was inspired and the first thing he does when he wakes up.

Robert Gaxiola ECD Ogilvy & Mather Singapore
Robert Gaxiola ECD Ogilvy & Mather Singapore
When was the last time you were inspired?
There’s a 65-year-old man named Dick Hoyt. His son Rick Hoyt, 34, was born with cerebral palsy and is physically disabled.

Together they race in marathons and triathlons with the aid of a wheelchair, bicycle seat-pod and small boat which Dick tows when he swims.

I just saw Team Hoyt race in San Francisco. Seeing how they carry each other is the most inspiring thing in the world.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
The Five Tibetan Rites.

What’s your favourite word?

What’s your favourite song lyric?
Rien de rien...
Je ne regrette rien.

Sex, drugs or rock and roll?
All. But in reverse order.

Ad you’re most ashamed of?
They say you stuff up TV at least 3 times before you get it right. The one ad that still comes to mind was some nose hair trimmer spot with a monkey I did in Japan. Monkeys, it turns out, aren’t always funny.

Ad you wish you’d made?

Tootsie Pop TV ad. Circa 1970 “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

Gadget you couldn’t live without?
My new Garmin Forerunner! It’s a GPS thingy that shows my pace, distance and my heart rate while I am running or cycling.

Worst haircut you’ve ever had?
Please see attached photo.

The world ends in one hour. What do you do?
Get ready to do the same thing I do every time it ends. Short some stocks, change all my passwords, then get a new haircut.

If you had a monkey, what would you make it do?

What do you wear in bed?
A freshly laundered pair of pajamas.

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