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Jan 27, 2022

Creative Minds: Andrea Choi's pursuit of simple joys

The associate CD at Dentsu Mcgarrybowen Hong Kong answers 11 of our questions. Learn about her best days on the job, her desire to cuddle with alpacas, how she sometimes gets a bit too hyper, and her support of a worthy charity.

Creative Minds: Andrea Choi's pursuit of simple joys
In Creative Minds, we ask APAC creatives a long list of questions, from serious to silly, and ask them to pick 11 to answer. (Why 11? Just because.) Want to be featured?

Name: Andrea Choi

Origin: UK

Places lived/worked: US (Wisconsin), Hong Kong

Pronouns: She/her


  • Associate creative director, Dentsu Mcgarrybowen, Hong Kong (2017-present)
  • Senior copywriter, Uth Creative, Hong Kong (2015-2017)
  • Creative strategist, Prizm, Hong Kong (2013-2015)

1. How did you end up being a creative?

I have always been a big fan of all forms of storytelling. With not much knowledge about the advertising industry, the 18-year-old me went ahead to pursue a journalism degree so I could write about real-life stories. When I came back to Hong Kong, I got more time to explore different possibilities. The idea that a 30-second TVC or print ad could drive behavioural changes sounded really exciting to me, and that’s when I decided to get into the field.  

2. What's your favourite piece of work in your portfolio?

My recent favourite would be the retirement-solutions campaign we launched for Manulife. With Covid raging, we knew that retirement would be a daunting topic for many. That’s why the team was determined to come up with an idea that was not only insightful, but also refreshing and humorous. Luckily, with an unexpected plot and the extremely fun duo—Edan Lui and Sandra Ng—we managed to bring a little bit of laughter to the audience, while letting them know about the actions they could take to prepare for a better future. We ourselves had so much fun throughout the ideation process and the actual shoot as well. Those weeks reminded me of the simple joy of being a creative.

3. What's your favourite piece of work created by someone else?

The #VoiceofHunger campaign by Dentsu Webchutney. It is such an original idea. Simple, but oh so fun. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity of meeting the creative behind this campaign at a workshop in Tokyo. It was inspiring to hear about the challenges they encountered and how the award-winning idea was born.

4. What's on your bucket list?

Hanging out with some alpacas in Peru. I think I can spend a whole day cuddling with them.

5. What really motivates you?

The inevitability of death. It might sound grim to some people but to me, the fact that life is brief motivates me to experience as much of the world as I can. Rather than spending time thinking about the what-ifs in life, the ticking clock keeps me moving forward.  

6. What advice would you give to 10-year-old you, if you could?

Never compare yourself to others. Just because your cousin is good at playing the violin doesn’t mean that you have to excel in something you’re not passionate about.

7. How would your co-workers describe you?

I’d like to say “passionate”, but “eccentric” is probably the word they’d use. Whenever I am excited about something, be it a Halloween party idea or a new hobby I’ve picked up, I can get a little too hyper.

8. What movie/show do you never get tired of?

Midnight in Paris. It’s my soul soother.

9. What's your guilty pleasure?

Watching overly dramatic reality shows that are obviously scripted. Feuds fascinate me. It’s interesting to see how differently people can react to the same situation.

10. Tell us about a charity or cause you think needs more attention.

ACSVAW (Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women). The fact that one in seven women in Hong Kong has suffered from sexual violence is disturbing and saddening. Sexual violence victims are often stigmatised, which makes it harder for them to seek help and speak up for themselves. ACSVAW advocates for anti-sexual violence policies and assists sexual violence survivors to rebuild their lives. They deserve more attention and support.

[Editor's note: A campaign by Dentsu Hong Kong for this organisation earned a spot on Campaign Asia-Pacific's list of last year's 10 most applause-worthy ads.]

11. What makes you really happy?

Clear, crisp autumn days. Humidity drives me crazy. And yes I live in Hong Kong.

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