China’s 50th Lei Feng Day PR effort: a hero fades into ignominy

March 5 marked the 50th year of 'Learn from Lei Feng Day', commemorating the life of a soldier in the early 1960s for his selfless devotion to China and the Communist Party. Elaine Seah and Khairul Annuar of Brand Incorporated look at whether the spirit of Lei Feng lives on in modern China.

'Learn from Lei Feng Day' can do with some rebranding

Lei Feng was venerated by the Communist Party of Chairman Mao for his altruistic and selfless patriotism. Present day authorities still feel that China's citizens would do well to follow the example set by Lei Feng. To that end, this year three old movies were commissioned to be screened for the benefit of citizens.

The results

To say the films underperformed would be an understatement. It was reported that some cinemas...

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