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Apr 2, 2014

CASE STUDY: How PediaSure increased sales among families with picky eaters

PediaSure applied a digital approach to help parents with picky eaters in the family.

CASE STUDY: How PediaSure increased sales among families with picky eaters

Background and aim

PediaSure is a formula milk product clinically proven to help kids grow. It is especially suitable for kids with malnutrition and picky eating habits. Pediasure wanted to educate parents about the product and specifically wanted to engage parents of the digital generation because TV advertising, Pediasure’s default means of communication, was no longer fulfilling its role of communicating to this group of parents.


One of the most stressful and frustrating aspects of parenting is having a picky eater in the house. Parents describe between 20 and 50 per cent of kids as picky eaters.

The brand created a relatively straightforward Android application, 'What picky eater is your child?'. The app educated parents about the symptoms of picky eating and provided information on PediaSure’s nutritional benefits. It also played music meant to relax and dsitract during stressful mealtimes.

The app presented five profiles of common picky eaters, with which Malaysian parents could identify: Greeno Eater (doesn’t like greens), Procrastinating Eater (food remains in mouth without chewing), Choosy Eater (nitpicks food on the plate), Cheesy Eater (only likes cheese and dairy products) and Distracted Eater (easily sidetracked from eating during meal times).

The app provided information about the brand's products according to the profile identified. It also let parents request product  samples and provided the location of the nearest clinic that could provide advice. 


In six weeks the app engaged and educated more than 75,000 parents after rising to No. 6 in the “Top Free Health and Fitness” category in less than two weeks. Just over 4,000 parents installed the app, while 70,860 accessed the mobile site. The agency exceeded its 40,000 target by 189 per cent. 

Most importantly, monthly sales increased 28 per cent over the average the brand saw in January through November, before the app launched.

The app is still available and the agency will run a second round of media to promote it this month.




Human Experience Strategy Director Hooi You Li
Planning Director Cassey Chow
Senior Planner Gina Lim


Senior Project Executive Asreena Ramdan
Associate Director – Brand Connections Siti Khairuddin



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