Olivia Parker
Mar 23, 2018

BMW paints the town yellow at bold car launch

The car brand is attempting to woo a new genre of consumers with an interactive pop-up exhibition.

BMW paints the town yellow at bold car launch

Buying a new car doesn’t have to mean wandering around a quiet showroom discussing the merits of silver or chrome hubcap finishes, according to BMW.

The brand launched its new BMW X2 model in Hong Kong by converting the traditional showroom into an experiential exhibition designed to appeal to families looking for fun holiday activities as well as prospective buyers.

Decked out in bright yellow to reflect the new car’s signature colour, ‘galvanic gold’, the space in BMW House Showroom in Kowloon was set up by Imagine Lab, a design agency based in Kwun Tong, which regularly works on car brand events.

There were various interactive exhibits spread over a relatively small space, from an Instagram-friendly 3D ‘X’ shape formed from yellow hanging spheres, to a boxing ring where visitors could measure the strength of their punches against the torque of the new BMW.

Through a black curtain is a small tunnel lined with mirrors and a floor covered in video screens, making it look as though you’re walking alternately over molten lava, the waves of the sea, or a field of golden glitter. There's also a 'taste challenge zone' serving made-on-the-spot 'fried' ice cream, with optional toppings including wasabi sauce or tabasco.

All the exhibits are designed to play into the taglines written for the new car: ‘Be Bold’, ‘Be Wild’ and ‘Be Ahead’.

“The car includes many breakthrough designs and new technology, so we are thinking about how to project the daring attitude of this car and how to create an immersive environment to engage with the customers,” said Maggie Cheng, senior marketing manager for BMW Concessionaires in Hong Kong.

Apart from the distinctive colour, these ‘daring’ new features of the BMW X2 include wireless charging, a touchscreen display and an inversion of the iconic ‘kidney grill’.

The brand hopes that its experiential showroom will help to reposition BMW in the minds of consumers, as well as to show off the new car.

“Everyone knows about BMW, it is a very well-established brand, but we would like the public to know about the other side of the brand, the new attitude from BMW to be daring, be out of the box," she said.

The experience, which runs until April 2 (including the Easter holidays) will be advertised online and on social media, continues Cheng, with visitors also encouraged to register for personalised experiences such as calligraphy sessions. 


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