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Jun 6, 2019

2019 Cannes contenders: 'Sans forgetica' by Naked

RMIT University and Naked created a font that supposedly helps you remember what you read.

2019 Cannes contenders: 'Sans forgetica' by Naked
We asked creative leaders from across the region choose the work they expect (or hope) to see winning at Cannes Lions this year. See all this year's Cannes contenders.

Contender: Sans forgetica
Agency: Naked
Client: RMIT University 

Nominated by:

Daniel Galeano and Facundo Martinelli, associate creative directors, Marcel Sydney:

An extraordinary example of how a campaign can deliver a tangible message and real proof of what it is advertising. Anyone who is thinking about a university wants to be sure it has all the latest resources and the latest way to make the journey as enjoyable as possible. Both needs are responded with a practical idea that tells you that not everything is theory. We could keep going for hours but to be honest it all comes to the fact that we downloaded the plugin even before finishing to watch the case study. And we are using it right now on this description which we’ll probably remember for the rest of our lives. Oh no… now it feels that we didn’t put enough effort on these words. Oh, we will remember this too. F*ck.

Ben Couzens, co-founder, Thinkerbell:

When I first saw this is I thought, “Pfft, bullshit”.  But after I locked the cynical-ad-me in the stationary cupboard, I now think it’s a very smart and innovative way to get people to see RMIT as a university that does things differently. Did it really take the world by storm? I don’t know, but I do think it’s great way of using science and design to get people talking about a university.

Hannah Melanson, senior copywriter, Digitas:

A holistic campaign that seamlessly transforms RMIT’s offering of technology, design and innovation into a real solution for students—all with the immediate, actionable benefit of an instant download. Beautiful, useful, insight-driven work that I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Bonus points for the brilliant wordplay.

Simon Langley, CCO, Wunderman Thompson Australia:

Coming from a design background, I was drawn to this clever use of typography to not only promote the innovation credentials of RMIT, but also provide the students they wanted to attract with an awesome tool to help them with their studies. And when you think about the wider application of the font within the field of medicine to help with diseases like Alzheimer’s, it could literally change people’s lives.

Tony Clewett, chief creative officer, FCB New Zealand:

This is truly smart. Having worked on Tertiary recruitment campaigns, I know just how difficult it is to climb out of the typical box of clichés. And this campaign catapults right out of it. What an innovative and unexpected way to drive fame and enrolment for RMIT University. I hope it worked it socks off. Metal would be the icing on the cake. I’m jealous.


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