trading desks

Aug 20, 2020

APAC brands must take more responsibility in programmatic: WFA report

Marketers in the region remain more likely than their counterparts around the world to cede control of programmatic buying to agencies, and also lag in demanding more transparency from their partners.

Jan 29, 2016

Transparency and cost issues drive trading desks in-house

Firms are moving digital buying teams in-house, citing cost savings, data control and a lack of transparency from agencies.

Jun 28, 2013

Programmatic buying: Clients and agencies locked in war of trust

While debates on trading desk transparency grow more heated, media buyers are refusing to buckle to client pressure.

Apr 17, 2012

Trading desks a threat to transparency?

GLOBAL - Although 84 per cent of advertisers regard agency trading desks as a threat to transparency, 91 per cent of agencies think otherwise. This clear disconnect came to light in a survey conducted by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) and the Festival of Media.