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Oct 18, 2022

Women to Watch 2022: Jessica Billimoria, CultureVerse

Through the agency she co-founded, Billimoria has been at the forefront of changing the way the industry thinks about communicating with audiences.

Nov 17, 2021

‘Australian agencies are reinforcing an Anglo-Celtic image’: Jen Sharpe

The founder of comms agency Think HQ speaks on the dangers of having one dominant group in agencies, and the importance of weighing socio-economic backgrounds and language in hiring practices.

Nov 12, 2021

Australian comms agencies perceive diversity as not urgent

TOP OF THE CHARTS: A study showed that agency makeup and ways of working have a long way to go to reflect Australia’s actual cultural diversity.

Sep 2, 2021

Women to Watch 2021: Jen Sharpe, Think HQ

Sharpe’s keen understanding of purpose-driven PR has made her a champion of diverse talent and a strong driver of social change.