Feb 26, 2018

Are robots ready for action in MICE?

Actual robots might not be ready for use by MICE professionals quite yet, but software-based bots and mobile concierge services are ready to provide immediate value

May 27, 2016

Film shows role of 'Robot Town' in shaping Japan's future

TOKYO - An initiative to promote Kanagawa prefecture’s expertise in robotics draws on Astro Boy to present a vision of the future with a sentimental film.

Sep 21, 2015

SoftBank sees major potential for data collection via android

One of the delegates that drew the most attention at Spikes Asia this year was Pepper, an apparently friendly robot developed by Japanese telco SoftBank. With robotics and artificial intelligence growing themes in marketing, we spoke to the people behind Pepper about how it aligns with the brand’s objectives.

Aug 7, 2015

Retailers must use robots, digital mannequins, VR and drones to stay futureproof

To ensure they survive, retailers must continue to innovate with new technologies and improve the customer experience, argues Chris Mitchell of Engage Works