kelvin tan

Oct 5, 2022

Behind the 'overly successful' launch of Trust Bank in Singapore

The marketers behind the new digital bank by Stanchart and FairPrice Group explain how accessibility, incentives and attention to user journeys ignited astronomical success that 'most other banks take a year to achieve'.

Apr 29, 2021

NTUC FairPrice pivots its messaging toward ‘realistic optimism’

New ‘Lift Up Everyday’ campaign from Iris celebrates small positive self-improvements in trying times, as Singapore's top local brand targets both budget-minded and aspirational shoppers.

Aug 25, 2010

Tribal Fusion creates 3D viral video for Resident Evil release

KUALA LUMPUR - Digital marketing solutions company Tribal Fusion has joined forces with Sony Pictures Malaysia and Universal Mc Cann to kick start a viral campaign in 3D for its latest sci-fi action flick Resident Evil: Afterlife.