May 18, 2021

Key lessons for marketers from L’Oréal Indonesia's ecommerce journey

Umesh Phadke, L’Oréal's president director in Indonesia, holds forth on how the cosmetics giant rapidly grew what started as a two-person business, digitising a largely offline market while nippy D2C upstarts added to the competition.

Dec 9, 2014

Singapore's mobile path-to-purchase

Yahoo and Mindshare released a joint report on Singapore’s mobile shopping habits, with the conclusion that there’s a lot more marketers could be doing to take advantage of ubiquitous smart devices. The research focused on user behavior across devices and highlights cross-device usage as well as time spent, top activities, types of content and emerging trends.

The report finds that marketers spend about 36 per cent of their media budget on digital channels globally. But in Singapore the digital spend is only 12 per cent. Considering the phone, tablet and phablet saturation in the city, that discrepancy seems like a particularly large gap that could mean opportunity for brands that step up and do more in the digital space. And while there is a range of activities, from gaming to movie watching, there’s also a lot of shopping.

Close to 90 per cent of Singaporeans use their mobiles for pre-purchase decision-making. And that’s the sweet spot for reaching them: not when they are buying but when they are making up their mind. This report shows what they are up to all day on mobiles and gives some advice for how to utilise that small screen interaction for a branding or selling benefit.