Jul 20, 2016

The programmatic journey of Chinese travellers: Vpon study

A joint report by Vpon Big Data Group and research firm GfK takes a deeper look at the how brands can reach out to the growing of outbound travellers.

Mar 27, 2014

Master Kong, Apple are China's 'best' brands: GfK/Serviceplan

GfK (market and consumer insights firm) and Serviceplan (a communications-solutions company) have set up what they claim to be the first brand ranking in China that takes a comprehensive view of the worth of a brand, evaluating it based on both emotional and behavioural dimensions. The report is based on computer-assisted survey of 4,000 individuals, representative of tier-1 through tier-3 cities, in October 2013. This ranking is an extension of an 11-year-old model from Germany.

Oct 17, 2013

Newspapers, music and grocery shopping top Malaysians’ weekly to-do list: GfK

MALAYSIA - An online survey by GfK shows that reading the newspapers (82 per cent) is the most common weekly activity in Malaysia, followed by listening to music (63 per cent) and grocery shopping (56 per cent).

Aug 13, 2013

Economy concerns high among Asia-Pacific consumers: GfK

SINGAPORE – Consumers are showing increasing concern over economy-related matters due to the slowdown in a number of Asia-Pacific markets, according to a global survey by GfK.