Nov 27, 2015

Inbound marketing giving SMEs a competitive edge

SINGAPORE - Small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) are using inbound marketing to challenge the marketing budgets of bigger competitors.

Sep 18, 2015

Spikes impressions: Creative use of old media is just as inspiring

Deric Wong, managing partner of strategy at Omnicom Media Group Hong Kong, distills the winning components of a media medal into digestible pointers.

Sep 15, 2015

Spikes impressions: Should design be about 'creating' or 'recreating' something?

Ian Perkins, ECD of Name and Name in Taiwan, gave examples of what work that breaks category rules really means.

Sep 15, 2015

Spikes impressions: Ditch the 'dream come true' pseudo-documentary

Georg Warga, creative director/filmmaker/founder of Goodstein in China, explains how insights, no matter how strange, can work to your advantage.

Sep 15, 2015

Spikes impressions: Pineapples + pigs + penguins = jury fatigue

Kitty Lun, chairman and chief executive officer of Lowe China, reveals why she was initially revolted by the Film Grand Prix winner.

Sep 15, 2015

Spikes impressions: Say yes to judging (and pack a sweater)

Tim Doherty, chief creative officer of Isobar China, now warmed up from many hours in a freezing judging room, tries to explain why the juries in general were cold toward work from China.