Diversity Talks 2024: From challenges to change

Diversity Talks 2024: From challenges to change

Join EssenceMediacom and Campaign Asia-Pacific at Diversity Talks, a virtual event focused on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives across APAC.

From challenges to change

As diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives continue to mature, it is increasingly clear that true inclusivity goes far beyond what meets the eye. Against the current backdrop of geopolitical tensions and economic uncertainty, it’s vital to evolve DEI practices to meet the needs of the times and turn challenges into change.

Amidst external pressures like the rising cost of living, less-visible aspects of DEI — including neurodiversity, mental wellbeing, social class, and generational diversity — have taken on greater significance. In the fourth edition of Diversity Talks, we’ll explore the strides to be made within DEI as we work towards a more inclusive future.

This event is hosted by Campaign Asia-Pacific, in partnership with EssenceMediacom, as part of Women to Watch.

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Join us for three panels on:

  • Class-based intersectionality in APAC advertising
  • Mental wellbeing and neurodiversity in the workplace
  • What does DEI mean to Gen X?

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