Adina-Laura Achim

Jan 6, 2022

Can Vietnam become the next China for luxury brands?

The luxury industry has pursued every opportunity in China’s high-growth market. Yet, thus far, it has ignored this other market in the Asia-Pacific region.

Nov 3, 2021

Can luxury leverage China’s new direction?

China’s crackdown on a wide range of businesses shows Beijing is changing its strategy. But can luxury brands take advantage of this shift?

Oct 26, 2021

The birth of China’s cultural opinion leaders

A new generation of creative tastemakers have emerged, called 'Cultural Opinion Leaders' (COLs). Are they China’s next big influencers?

Sep 13, 2021

Glenfiddich taps digital designer Stephanie Fung ...

Whisky brand targets young Chinese consumers by aligning with up-and-coming artist.

Sep 5, 2021

Can luxury survive another year of the pandemic?

Predicting the future of retail is hard, but the pandemic looks like it will reverse some trends, such as the democratisation of luxury and the return to physical stores.

Aug 18, 2021

Does Beijing’s war on big tech help or harness ...

Beijing heightened its war on tech titans, improper data use, and unfair competition on Tuesday, but is it a good move in the long run?