Raahil Chopra
Sep 22, 2016

'Technology is not the only part of the creative': Isobar

The company's chief experience officer showcased work and offered three tips to those in digital advertising.

'Technology is not the only part of the creative': Isobar

SPIKES ASIA - Cheyney Robinson, chief experience officer for Isobar EMEA and APAC, spoke about how brands should be looking to transform businesses with the creative use of digital.   

Speaking at the Silent Stage on the festival's first day, Robinson said, "Design is no longer constrained to the physical realm. Design is limitless. We have to go beyond ideas apps like WeChat and beyond the ideas we see on social media. There isn't a better time to be a creative. Apps and interfaces are becoming experiences for brands to create immersive worlds. We currently think about design as an interface. There will be a time there will be no interface. Seventy eight percent of millennials say that they will pay for experiences rather than products. This proves that loyalty is earned by actions and not words."

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She added, "Put yourself in the shoes of a consumer. Consumers have certain beliefs of brands. Beliefs become actions. This should matter to creatives."   

Robinson showcased four pieces of work.

"It's masterpiece inspired by you. This product experience reads facial expressions. It is hyper-personalised and makes conclusions of what you like post the experiment."

"This was created by Isobar. It was first launched at the Bangkok Motor Show and then taken to different parts of the world."

"This was also done by Isobar. It gave a product recommendation depending on your mood."  

"Think of a field trip to Mars. NASA wanted to land human on Mars. As children, we learnt about Mars through images of the planet. Here, this gave children a different way of learning about the planet."   

She summarised with three tips: Technology must be in service of a transformative idea. 

  • Technology is not the only part of the creative.  
  • Use real-world scenarios that address authentic customer needs.
  • Create moments with emotional resonance. Make it memorable.  
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