Michael Heusner
Mar 19, 2020

Layoff fears grip adland as coronavirus continues spread

The majority of advertising professionals surveyed by Fishbowl believe the current crisis will lead to layoffs.

Layoff fears grip adland as coronavirus continues spread

The coronavirus outbreak may be exposing a lack of job confidence in the advertising world, according to a survey from professional network, Fishbowl. 

In a survey, conducted from March 13 through March 16, Fishbowl asked over 17,000 verified professionals on the app from companies such as IBM, Deloitte, JP Morgan Chase, Edelman, Ogilvy, and Accenture, whether or not they fear that the coronavirus would lead to layoffs in their company. 

Those working in advertising had the biggest fear of layoffs, according to 65% of respondents. Advertising is followed by consulting in believing layoffs are imminent.

Conversely, in the law realm, only a third (32%) answered yes.

In the US, San Francisco, New York, and Atlanta were the cities most fearful of layoffs, while Columbus, Pittsburgh, and Toronto were the least afraid. 

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