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May 31, 2018

Hyundai launches overtly inclusive global campaign

Brand targets diverse young families with fun campaign through Jung von Matt for new Santa Fe model.

Hyundai today launched a significant global campaign to introduce its new Santa Fe SUV. The work, by Jung von Matt, includes five TVCs (the video window above will play through all of them following a 'hero' video that incorporates moments from all five) as well as print executions (below).

The company has made a conscious effort to be inclusive about what "family" means. A wedding-oriented clip, 'Family party', has a surprise orientation-oriented reveal, and 'Always together' shows a family of mixed Caucasian-Asian heritage.

Ad Nut wouldn't normally find such things worthy of comment in and of themselves, but mentions it because Hyundai has taken pains to underscore the diversity visible in the campaign. As the company puts it in press materials:

The goal is not to create a buzz leveraging equal rights but to establish Hyundai as a brand that serves and acknowledges the makeup of many types of families. This is quite a feat for a Korean motor company considering the country’s relatively conservative social context.

The brand argues that this choice is in line with recent actions that have "revolutionized and reshaped its brand identity"; Hyundai is no longer a "fast follower" but is "becoming an industry leader by re-creating its values and providing more inclusive societal business practices", it says.

That's all commendable. For the record, Ad Nut's favourite clips are 'Dad in black', and 'Night cradle’ (even though the latter contains a murderous beast). Not because of any diversity that's on display, but because they're the most fun. 

Two other aspects of the campaign seem worthy of note.

First, Ad Nut observes that the ads do a good job of placing the focus on the people using the cars, rather than obsessively fetishising the vehicles themselves. This is not to say that the features of the car aren't spotlighted. They are, but in ways that are relatively concise and unobtrusive to the storylines. Nicely done.

Second, Ad Nut really really likes the brand's effort to employ aural identification. Perk up your ears and note the little flourish of six notes (two triplets, for those of you who are musically inclined) at the end of each ad. Then, note how that audio tagline subtly alters in some of the videos. It's more spooky and alien-sounding in the 'Dad in Black' clip, more jazzy at the end of the "Cuddly family' clip. Then, watch the clips again and see how many times that little run of notes recurs. It's more than you might think, and it's another bit of evidence that Hyundai is bringing modern techniques to bear in its marketing.

The campaign debuted in Korea today and will play out in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and then in Asia Pacific. Each country will produce its own individual advertisements based on the films and under the direction of a local creative team, according to the company. 

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