Asian Paints Nepal captures the BFF spirit

Warm-hearted campaign attempts to position the paint brand as a best friend.

NEPAL - You know you’ve got a best friend for life when he does the samba dance around a referee after you’ve scored a goal, not caring about the onlookers. A best friend also cherishes the little achievements in your life; he's so overjoyed when you’ve got a good catch that he bounces up and down on a precariously tiny bridge, perhaps putting both of your lives in danger.

This campaign by Creo Communications (creative), DigitalIn (digital) and outreach Nepal (media) uses such moments of friendship to try and make an emotional mark in what is usually a utilitarian product category.

The campaign smartly plays on the predilection of social-media users to tag their best friends and share such videos, while a texting mechanism provides a free painting guide. Outreach Nepal reports that more than 2,000 people have registered themselves with the company.  


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