Jul 20, 2016

The programmatic journey of Chinese travellers: Vpon study

A joint report by Vpon Big Data Group and research firm GfK takes a deeper look at the how brands can reach out to the growing of outbound travellers.

Jul 31, 2015

Tujia co-founder: We're not the 'Airbnb of China'

HONG KONG - Speaking at yesterday's Converge tech conference, Melissa Yang, co-founder and CTO of Beijing-based holiday rental site Tujia, explained why her well-funded startup should not be seen as a clone of Airbnb.

Nov 29, 2012

Asia-Pacific travellers rely on social media to choose: Text100

ASIA-PACIFIC – Travellers in the region are heavily reliant on social-media platforms when it comes to forming their leisure travel decisions—even moreso than respondents from North America or EMEA—according to a recent study by Text100 and Redshift Research.