Aug 1, 2014

OtterBox gives Singapore water polo teams phone cases, takes photos

OtterBox, maker of amphibious phone cases, has given Singapore's male and female water polo teams their Preserver phone case and taken pictures of the teams cavorting with said phone cases as part of its ad campaign. While we get the connection between waterproof phone cases and water polo, we hope the teams won't jeopardise their winning streaks by taking selfies during matches despite OtterBox's hope that the cases will "encourage the team to capture precious moments of their time at all their significant competitive games on their mobile phones and this includes the upcoming SEA Games".

EDIT (5:45pm): The original article stated that OtterBox was "sponsoring the team at the SEA Games". The brand has since gotten in touch to clarify that they are not sponsoring the team at the games but just sponsoring the team in the "ramp up to the SEA games". As they declined to disclose the nature of the 'sponsorship' we've decided to avoid the term altogether.