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May 3, 2022

Why luxury brands must be strategic with NFTs in the metaverse

The metaverse offers luxury brands exciting opportunities. It’s critical, however, to be extremely strategic and play to win, especially with NFTs.

Mar 7, 2022

Campaign asks: Are NFTs innovative or an overhyped fad?

SPOT SURVEY: Enthusiasts believe NFTs present "endless possibilities" for brands, but critics view the unique tokens as a "passing trend". Where do you stand?

Feb 16, 2022

Why NFT trends in China may point to the future of NFTs globally

A cautious approach to NFTs has laid a foundation that could put crypto-wary China at the forefront of the industry says Stink Studios' managing director in Shanghai.

Nov 17, 2021

Why looking at NFTs, gaming and the metaverse makes sense for luxury

NFTs? Skins? CryptoPunks? You’re already fed up with it all? You think it’s just noise? For luxury, it’s more exciting than you think.

Jan 20, 2021

The scale of virtual events is exciting; here's how they can create exclusivity too

The use of non-fungible tokens, unique digital souvenirs that sit on the blockchain, offers a way to create brilliant exclusivity for digital events, while keeping them open to unlimited audiences.