Untapped opportunities in the open internet

Untapped opportunities in the open internet

How to unlock the value of first-party data

  • When:
    Mar 29, 2023
  • Where:
    Grand Hyatt Hong Kong
Are you having a (consumer) identity crisis?
As consumers continue to be increasingly privacy-conscious, it’s time for savvy marketers to solve audience fragmentation now.
Whether you have already embraced future-proof data solutions like unified identifiers — or postponed adopting any new solutions until the third-party cookie is well and truly deprecated — identity is the most pertinent and pressing issue for all marketers in 2023.
At this intimate dinner panel hosted in partnership with The Trade Desk, we’ll explore the topic of identity, the privacy imperative, how identity solutions can lend themselves to omnichannel strategies, and why it may be time to rethink the walled garden.
Key points:
  • Adapting to the privacy imperative: Third-party cookies might still be here, but they're crumbling — to reach the channel-hopping, privacy-conscious modern consumer, forward-thinking marketers need to look over the garden wall
  • How brands are capturing untapped opportunities acorss the open internet by activating their CRM data
  • The versatility of first-party data: How investing in your first-party data can pay off in a multitude of ways, from privacy-proofing your marketing efforts to improving omnichannel campaigns, and more 



The content of this event has been designed with brand marketers in mind. As places are limited, Campaign Asia-Pacific will be selecting attendees who are best-suited to this particular event.


If you are interested to join, please email to [email protected] for enquiries.