Prashant Kumar

Jun 30, 2014

Messaging apps: What the new face of social media ...

As Line, the mobile messaging app operator, gets ready for an IPO that some expect to be valued at up to $20 billion, Prashant Kumar, president of IPG Mediabrands, World Markets Asia, discusses how messaging apps are transforming social media, and what it means for brands.

Apr 29, 2010

Five things you need to know about: Word of mouth ...

The plastic hard sell messages from brands and increasing clutter in the space has made consumers confused and cynical with most beginning to trust friends better than companies and brands. Social media has also given everyone a powerful tool in their hands and that is why word of mouth planning is more important than ever. Prashant Kumar, CEO of Mediabrands Malaysia, tells us five things we need to know about word of mouth planning.