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Jul 22, 2021

Creative Minds: Magda Wolder reveals her favourite knock-knock joke

We get to know the APAC head of experience at Essence through her answers to 11 questions. Learn about what makes her really angry, the social bot she's a bit envious of, and her love of amigurumi.

Creative Minds: Magda Wolder reveals her favourite knock-knock joke
Welcome to Creative Minds, in which we get to know APAC creatives through their answers to 11 questions. The first three are required, but the subject chooses the rest from a list of nearly 40 that we compiled, from serious to silly. Want to be featured? Contact us and we'll send you the question list. (Why 11 questions? Because any old Q&A format can ask 10 questions. But this one goes to 11.)

Name: Magda Wolder

Origin: Poland

Places lived/worked: Poland, the UK, the Netherlands, Singapore 

Pronouns: She/her


Essence (2018-present):

  • Singapore: Head of experience, APAC
  • London: Head of creative strategy, EMEA
  • London: Creative strategy director, EMEA

Netflix (2016-2017):

  • Amsterdam: senior researcher, content and consumer insights, EMEA

Sky (2011-2016):

  • London: Creative strategist, Sky Creative
  • London: Head of customer closeness
  • London: Customer closeness manager

1. How did you end up being a creative?

I started my career in insights roles, running qualitative research all over Europe, but I originally became fascinated with advertising earlier. In university, I studied advertising and public relations, and this was where I discovered what planning was. I caught the creative strategy bug immediately. 

2. What's your favourite piece of work in your portfolio?

As part of Essence’s experience team globally, I love what we have done, especially with Google, over the last few years, driving digital innovation and bringing data and technology into creative. An excellent example of this work is Project Pegasus: Giving Context to Google Nest.

My favourite piece of work before my time at Essence is British broadcaster Sky’s rebrand of all its entertainment channels, which gave each channel deeper meaning under a new and exciting slate of content.

3) What's your favourite piece of work created by someone else?

Canal+ and HBO developed a social bot for the launch of The Young Pope. This is one of the best examples of bringing technology into creative work that I have seen. It’s a natural extension of the story and the naughty personality of the main character in the TV series. Great piece of work.

4. What/who are your key creative influences? 

The youngest people in the agency, especially when they are not telling me what they think I want to hear. 

5. What's the craziest thing you've ever done? 

I moved my family to a country that none of us have ever been to before. Twice. First, the Netherlands (what a beautiful city Amsterdam is), and now, Singapore (I absolutely love winter, hence ‘crazy’).

6. What career did you think you'd have when you were a kid? 

I vividly remember wanting to be a reporter. I wanted to have my own little camera and a sharp pencil attached to my yellow reporter’s notebook, ready to uncover stories that I didn't understand at the time.  

7. What really motivates you? 

Problems. The more complex, the better.

8. Do you have any secret or odd talents? 

I enjoy Amigurumi, the Japanese art of crocheting small stuffed creatures. In all honesty, that's because I cannot deal with meditation for more than 10 minutes. Go yarn. 

9. What’s your favorite music / film / TV show / book / other of the past year, and why? 

I worked in TV for the bigger part of my career, before moving into the digital world. I love good TV shows with compelling writing. Ally McBeal will forever stay in my heart. Shonda Rhimes’ characters can still get me hooked for hours at a time in Grey’s Anatomy or Scandal. Recently, Apple Originals have been my go-to: The Morning Show for its graceful and less sensational storytelling, and the sweet and clueless Ted Lasso for his unapologetic ignorance about English tea. 

10. What makes you really angry? 

Abuse of power—people being treated unfairly and bullying of any kind.    

11. What makes you really happy? 

My nine-year-old daughter’s laughter. She came up with her funniest knock-knock joke when she was four: 

Mum: Knock! Knock!
Izabella: Come in!

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