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Behind the Brands

With agencies, media platforms and technology providers playing such a critical role in brand perception, we created this space for such companies to share their stories about how they’re helping brands achieve greater and greater success. Behind the Brands aims to inspire, showcase and educate.

Publicis Media: Programmatic buying is walking into its transition

Programmatic buying in China is poised to break through its plateau and enter an exciting new phase of development, writes Publicis Media's David Chen.

Miaozhen announces new cross-device solution: UserGraph

Tech firm has partnered with Drawbridge to deliver game-changing algorithm.

OMD: Five myths about media debunked

In the China media landscape, not everything is what it seems. OMD’s Transcend 2016 report digs beneath the surface of the complex trends to dispell some common misconceptions.

Focus Media: Striding ahead, fuelled by data

Chinese consumers’ lifestyle and spending habits are evolving rapidly, opening exciting new opportunities for marketers who are ready to embrace Focus Media’s groundbreaking combination of outdoor video and cutting-edge data targeting.

BlueDigital: Blend tech and creativity to win China digital

Chinese consumer trends towards digital individualisation make audience segmentation "a mounting challenge", says BlueDigital CEO Richard Jiao, but agency remains "sensitive and adaptive to change".

Barrows: China is set for a retail revolution

Retailers need to improve shopper experience to meet rising expectations and counter the impact of ecommerce, shopper marketing specialist says.

Marketing in China's unique digital-data ecosystem

Campaign visits Miaozhen Systems in Beijing, where senior executives from GSK and Mindshare join Miaozhen's founder and CEO, Wu Minghui, to discuss the particular challenges brands face given the country's unique data environment.

Tencent digital case studies: Mobile brings brands to life

By the year 2020, the world will have to analyse 50 times more data than what we have today, which means traditional analysis needs to change. The Internet's impact on China is also deepening as it becomes a mainstream media. With this as a backdrop, our mindsets as marketers must also change.

Miaozhen's exclusive programmatic debut in China

Mindshare and Miaozhen collaborate with Nestlé on a private marketplace for premium inventory—a first in the nation.

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